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Confessions of a Millennial Creative;

Blog With Jalen

Just Adjust is a phrase I coined to remind myself to scale situations on my life. If its easier to let it go, for the sake of the friendship, Job, Marriage, etc. than just Adjust. lest it go. it hasn't been easy, but its gotten better. Follow me on my interactive blog journey that parallels my book " Note to Self: Just Adjust" 

Confessions of a Millennial Creative;

Jalen Archer

I’ve learned to stay away from people who:

1. Keep reminding me of how I was, saying things like, “You know you always _____”

2. Consistently have some sort of negative critique about me that they feel the need to share with me; ex: hair, shoes, weight, outfits etc.

3. Take me for granted as a person; I won’t always be there when you call

4. Can’t sincerely apologize without having an audience to witness

5. Who take the rational approach to my faith

6. Question everything I do

7. Don’t LOVE me 

9. Never make the first attempt; ex: calling me, texting me, thinking about me, etc.

10. Don’t consider my feelings

11. Are never wrong


If you have found yourself distant from me, take a look on the list and see if any apply. If so then you’re welcome! These past few years, I have been the ‘target’ aka the reason for everything and I’m sick of it! In this season, self love and respect is the necessity of life. We don’t have much time and because of it we can’t get lost in the normalities of other people. Me, personally, I’ve gone above and beyond for above and beyond to only get nothing in return. I’m over being the reason why others can’t function, speak, be genuinely nice and it’s unfair.