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Blog With Jalen

Just Adjust is a phrase I coined to remind myself to scale situations on my life. If its easier to let it go, for the sake of the friendship, Job, Marriage, etc. than just Adjust. lest it go. it hasn't been easy, but its gotten better. Follow me on my interactive blog journey that parallels my book " Note to Self: Just Adjust" 

I'm Not Angry; I'm Just Decompressing.

Jalen Archer

The older I get, the more mature I become. I find so much peace and strength in silence! I indulge in the decompression where I can just stop, be still, and say nothing..........Then someone asks me a questionand I contemplate ignoring them or (honestly) slapping them silly (in which I refrain from doing ofcourse). But have you ever found a new way of dealing with your busyness? A way that wasn't you or how you imagined it ever being? For me, being quiet is something I never thought that I'd love to be; but to be honest, I've found true honest and liberating victory in the silence! I've found answers, ideas, and peace in being seen and not heard. Ecclesiastes 3:7. I challenge everyone to take 10 minutes to get to know your mind. Find out why you think the way you do! Debrief your thoughts, your day, your actions and I can guarantee that you'll become a less stressed individual!